Q-PROMPPT has the green light to Go, Go, Go!

18th July 2019

The PROMPPT team is glad to announce the first phase of the project, called Q-PROMPPT, has been granted ethical approval by the Research Ethics Committee and Health Research Association and given ‘Green Light’ by Keele University Clinical Trials Unit to begin the study. Recruitment has now begun inviting people to participate in Q-PROMPPT interviews. These discussions will help inform improvements to the support people with long-term pain receive in primary care.

Who are we inviting to take part?

Patients – Keele Clinical Trials Network are working with GP practices in the West Midlands area to invite people, who are living with long-term pain and taking regular opioid medicines, to be interviewed by one of our researchers.

GPs and Clinical Pharmacists – if you are a GP or Clinical Pharmacist currently practicing in the West Midlands area and are interested in being interviewed as part of the project you can contact us here.